How to fix a Corrupted Time Machine Backup

Recently my Time Machine backup got corrupted. I could mount the Time Machine volume but the backup would never complete. After some digging around I found a great article that explains how the fix the corrupted sparsebundle file. If you are having problems with Time Machine be sure and check it out.

How to fix a Corrupted Time Machine Backup.


  1. michael September 18th

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    What is a sparsebundle and how do I find out its name on my disk?

    [having the same problem due to a USB drive unplugged before it was ejected].

  2. Brian September 21st

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    The sparsebundle is the image of your disk that Time Machine backed up. You should be able to find it by using Finder or using Terminal and looking on your Time Machine volume. For example my Time Machine volume is /Volumes/Time Machine/

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