Adding jar files to Seam deployment

If you look in the /lib directory of your seam-gen project you will see several jar files that Seam makes available. All of these jars are included in the classpath but keep in mind that just because these jar files are in the lib directory doesn’t mean they will be packed and deployed to the app server.

Seam uses the deployed-jars.list for WAR projects and deployed-jars-war.list and deployed-jars-ear.list for EAR projects to select which jars are packaged and deployed. These files are located in the root directory of your project.

If you want to add a jar file to your Seam deployment all you have to do is add the jar file name to the deployed-jars file and redeploy. If you are adding a jar file that is located somewhere else besides the lib directory you will also have to make sure the jar is in your classpath.


  1. venu May 4th

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    brian is any jar files required to create a new themes

  2. Brian May 15th

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    I don’t think so Venu.

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