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If you have done web development for more than 5 minutes you probably have run into browser compatibility issues. I have not only run into CSS issues but also jQuery issues where the code wasn’t functioning correctly on some browsers. Making sure that your site renders and runs correctly in all of the major browsers is very important. This is especially true if it is a public site where you can’t control browser types and versions.

So how do you cross browser test without installing all of the browsers on your computer?

Spoon Browser SandboxIn comes the Spoon Browser Sandbox. The Spoon Browser Sandbox offers 11 different Web browser builds, including IE 6, 7, and 8, Firefox 2, 3, and 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9 and 10, as well as Google Chrome. The only thing you have to install is their plug-in. Once you have the plug-in installed you can run any of these browsers on your computer just as if they were installed themselves. The sandbox browsers are seemingly fully functional, and they feel just as you might expect them to. I have even installed Firebug on one of the sandbox browsers to troubleshoot JavaScript issues.

I have looked around the web for other cross browsing tools but haven’t found anything nearly as cool and functional as this. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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