a:mediaOutput is not compatible with a Seam long running conversation

Over the weekend I was working on a Seam project that required images to be uploaded so I took a look at the rich:fileUpload component. Looking at the RichFaces sample code it looked very straightforward and I assumed it would take just a couple of hours to implement. 2 days later I still couldn’t get it to work. I was so frustrated that I started questioning my intelligence. Fortunately I am stubborn, just ask my wife, and I refused to give up. This time it paid off. I finally found out via the Seam framework forums that the a:mediaOutput RichFaces component is not compatible with Seam long running conversations. The file was uploading fine and the listener method could see the object but when it came time for a:mediaOutput to paint the object to the screen it could not be found.

The solution was to simply add an s:conversationID component to a:mediaOutput so that Seam would know the conversation id. Once I added this everything worked fine. UGH! Below is an example.

<a4j:mediaOutput element="img" mimeType="#{file.mime}"
 createContent="#{fileUploadBean.paint}" value="#{row}"
 style="width:100px; height:100px;" cacheable="false">
  <f:param value="#{fileUploadBean.timeStamp}" name="time"/>  
  <s:conversationId value="#{conversation.id}"/>

These are the kind of things that drive me crazy when programming. Things like this can totally blow a schedule out of the water.


  1. Charles July 13th

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    Thank you! You save my day! lol

  2. Brian July 13th

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    Glad it helped Charles.

  3. Betto Mcrose July 16th

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    and you save my week =D

  4. Brian July 17th

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    Betto – Glad it saved your week because it cost me a week. πŸ˜‰

  5. Betto McRose July 17th

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    I also found another tip
    for the FileUploaderBean I had to set the scope to conversation because there were no other way to find the back bean

    I know it sounds stupid, but in the examples I found there are no comments about, just looking at the exadel’s demo page (which is the fist plate to look at) you will see

    any way… God/AlΓ‘/Buda/or whatever save Internet!

  6. Rodrigo Okada July 29th

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    Thank you!

  7. Brian July 29th

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    You are welcome Rodrigo. Glad it helped you.

  8. arical December 16th

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    Hi Brian,

    glad to found your solution. I thought I go crazy today…. πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

    PS: curios that I couldn’t find this solution on the seam site/forum.

  9. Brian December 19th

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    Glad it helped arcial. I don’t think I ever found any answers on this at the seam forums either.

  10. venu February 16th

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    hi .i have the same situation in my .xhtml in my code


    every time i am uploading image Size is not increasing .it is showing 0 every time.

    i am not able to see image in UI of a web page.can any one please help me to get out of this situation.

  11. venu February 16th

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    Thanks a lot brian.Its working now for me

  12. Brian February 16th

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    Glad it is working for you venu.

  13. venu February 16th

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    hi brian
    i able to see image in UI after keeping conversation id.but it is not saving in Database.i hope you can help me

  14. venu February 16th

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    hi Brian i am eagerly waiting for your reply

  15. Brian February 16th

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    venu – I will need to take a look at your code to see how you are trying to save the image. Email me the view, component, and entity and I will take a look at it.

  16. venu February 16th

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    i have sent mail to your Email.pease help me to get out of this.i am working on it more than a week

  17. venu February 17th

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    Brian Is that the only one mistake i have done.remaining every thing correct.i able to see the data,length in console ,when i am saving it saves as null in database.

  18. Two Hands July 13th

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  19. Brian October 7th

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    Glad it helped you Two Hands.

  20. Ricky Rito October 16th

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  21. murkein November 5th

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    Gracias, estuve investigando y por fin encontre esta solucion.

  22. Brian December 11th

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    You are welcome murkein.

  23. Brian December 11th

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    You are welcome Ricky.

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