Using c:forEach with Seam, JSF, and Facelets

After a couple of hours of scratching my head and Googling the Interwebs like a mad man I finally figured out why my c:forEach wasn’t iterating and displaying the data in my view. Come to find out I was using the wrong name space when declaring the JSTL core library.

First off here is the c:forEach code.

<c:forEach items="#{item.tags}" var="tag">
  <h:outputText value="#{}"/>

Here is the incorrect name space causing the issues. Notice the word jsp in the path.


Now for the correct name space. Just remove the word jsp from the path.


Bingo. Now everything is working. Don’t make same boneheaded mistake.


  1. Dennis April 8th

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    Thank you sooooo much.
    I had the same problem for the same reason. And after googling for hours, I finally found you page. Thanks!

  2. Brian April 8th

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    You are very welcome. Glad to know it helped somebody. This issue threw me for a loop because the other namespace is valid but just doesn’t work.

  3. Kevin July 29th

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    Thank u very much! That helps me a lot!

  4. Brian July 29th

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    You are welcome Kevin. Glad it saved you some time.

  5. Larry October 29th

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    Thx a lot!

  6. Brian October 30th

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    You are welcome Larry.

  7. Meed December 1st

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    Thanks, I had the same problem. I think one release of Seam was wrongly setting this url by (seam-gen)

  8. Brian December 1st

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    You are welcome Meed.

  9. Konrad November 9th

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    I know this is an old post, but I want to thank you for saving me a lot of time!

  10. Brian November 9th

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    Konrad – Glad it helped.

  11. Max November 22nd

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    You’re a life saver brian. tnx. I’ve been working on the same problem for 3 days now. And to think that’s the root cost.

  12. Brian November 22nd

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    Your welcome Max. Glad it helped.

  13. Tinh Phong November 12th

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    Thankyou! That helps me a lot!

  14. Brian December 11th

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    You are welcome Tinh.

  15. Rick April 11th

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    I couldn’t thank you enough for this. I wasted all afternoon.

  16. Brian April 12th

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    You are welcome Rick. I am glad it helped you.

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