Gavin King on Contexts and Dependency Injection, Weld, Java EE 6

DZone spoke with Gavin King, JBoss Fellow at Red Hat, earlier this week to discuss the newly ratified JSR 299 (Contexts and Dependency Injection) specification as well as Java EE 6 (JSR 316), both of which passed their final approval ballots on Nov 30th, 2009. In this exclusive interview, Gavin describes the evolution of the CDI specification (formerly known as Web Beans) and describes some of its primary goals. He also talks about the several CDI implementations currently on the market, including JBoss’ own Weld implementation, and also highlights some of the benefits of running Weld can inside a servlet container, or in a Java SE environment. Finally, Gavin previews what we can expect to see in Seam 3, and points out the vast improvements that have been made in JSF 2 — he also encourages JSF skeptics to “take a second look.”

Full transcript can be found at DZone.


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