How to change the Oracle XE web interface port.

By default the Oracle XE web interface uses port 8080. This can cause problems because by default JBoss AS and other app servers listen to port 8080 as well. Fortunately it is very easy to change the port that XE listens to.

  • Open the SQL command line: Start Menu >> Programs >> Oracle Database 10G Express Edition >> Run SQL Command Line >>

SQL Command Line

SQL Command Line

  • Enter the following commands at the SQL prompt.

CONNECT system

Now the XE web interface will be listening on port 9090 instead of port 8080. Just make sure you use port 9090 instead of 8080 in the URL. For example:


  1. Stephen February 24th

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    Any idea how I get the link in the start menu updated?
    Oracle Database 10g Express Edition -> Database Home Page
    still points to the old port of course.

    When I open the properties of the internet link in
    it appears that I can edit the URL, but when I click OK then Windows 7 (Pro, 64bit) tells me
    “Changes cannot be applied to this internet link” (roughly translated from German).

    I am logged in with admin rights.

  2. Brian February 24th

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    Stephen – That is definitely the correct file to edit. I was able to edit and save it on my Windows 7 Enterprise machine. You are having some type of Windows permission issue. Check the security of the file and make sure you have the permissions you need. I can’t remember if I had to change permissions on that file or not.

  3. Stephen February 24th

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    Thanks for the answer. I tried some more: File permissions looked fine.

    I got it working only by deleting the existing link “Database_homepage”. Then creating a new one “Database_homepage2” (when I used the same name, it had no effect – maybe some caching problem).
    There was no option in the context menu to create the link directly in the folder, so I created it on the desktop, then moved it to …\server.

    Finally I had to change the start menu item to point to the new link file.


  4. Brian February 24th

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    Good to hear you have it working.

  5. Khaeg January 12th

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    Thank you for this solution
    It work. 🙂

  6. Brian February 19th

    Comment Arrow

    Glad it helped you Khaeg.

  7. kilonet October 4th

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    thx for plain explanation

  8. Brian October 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello kilonet. Glad it helped you.

  9. tasneem November 29th

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    Thank you

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